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Teaching Experience 


Johns Hopkins University, SAIS

         "Comparative Politics," core exam course, 2017

         "China's Political Economy in Transition," graduate course, 2015, 2016

         "Political Economy and Development Strategies in East Asia," graduate course, 2015


University of Rhode Island, Department of Political Science

          “Politics of Contemporary China,” 300-level undergraduate, 2011


Johns Hopkins University, Department of Political Science

          Teaching Assistant, “Introduction to Comparative Politics,” 100-level introductory course, 2009

          Guest Lecturer, “Changing Central-Local Relations in China,” 300-level undergraduate, 2009

          Teaching Assistant, “Domestic Politics of Contemporary China,” 300-level undergraduate, 2008


University of Toronto, Department of Political Science

         Teaching Assistant, “State and Society in 20th Century China,” 300-level undergraduate, 2005



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