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Media Interviews

  • Interview by NPR News, “The Mixed Message About China's Economy.” January, 2024

  • Interview by Washington Post, “China’s Xi Fights Fires at Home and Abroad.”September, 2023

  • Interview by Washington Post, "As China’s economy slows, the buck stops with leader Xi Jinping." Aug, 2023

  • Interview by New York Times, “Yellen Calls for ‘Constructive’ China Relationship,” April, 2023

  • Interview by the CSIS "Pekingology" Podcast with Freeman Chair Jude Blanchette, "Capital Mobility and Taxation: State-Business Collusion in China. Assistant Professor of Political Economy," Aug, 2022

  • Interview by Fortune, “The U.S. wants to spend $52 billion to become a chips powerhouse. Experts say that hundreds of billions—and decades—is needed to crack its reliance on Asia,” July, 2022

  • Interview by The Hundred, "What Impact will Zero-Covid have on China's Economy?" May, 2022

  • Interview by South China Morning Post, "China Tech Crackdown: in 2021, Technology Giants Came under Intense Scrutiny after Sleeping Watchdogs Awakened." Dec, 2021

  • Interview by South China Morning Post, “China’s Big Tech crackdown: Will Beijing’s efforts kill the country’s most vibrant economic sector?” July, 2021

  • Interview by New York Times, "As China Scrutinizes Its Entrepreneurs, a Power Couple Cashes Out," with Raymond Zhong, June, 2021

  • Interview by Financial Times, “Biden’s 100 days: Hawkish Approach to China stokes Beijing frictions” with Demetri Sevastopulo, Aril, 2021

  • Interview by The Lily, Washington Post, “Female professors have less time to research in the pandemic,” with Caroline Kitchener, April, 2021. 

  • Interview by Financial Times, “Grey Rhinos in China,” March, 2021.

  • Interview by Stephen Orlins, China Committee on U.S.-China Relations (NCUSR). “What Lies Ahead? The Fifth Plenum of the 19th Communist Party Congress.” October, 2020

  • Quoted in Wallethub, “How will Racial Minorities Shape Future Elections?” October, 2020

  • Interview by Voice of America, “US-China Relations” and “Trump’s China Policy.” August, 2020

  • Interview by Chongyang Institute, Renmin University, “Chinese Americans in the U.S.” May, 2020

  • Quoted in Foreign Affairs, “Who is Winning the Trade War?” December, 2019

  • Interview by PBS Frontline on the China model, with Catherine Trautwein, May, 2019

  • Podcast, ChinaEcon Talk, SupChina, "Exploring the Links Between Business and the Chinese Bureaucracy.” May, 2019

  • Interview by Rhodes Center of International Economics and Finance Podcast, “Ling Chen: New Insights on the “Made in China” Model,” with Mark Blyth, March, 2019

  • Interview by BBC, “China’s Economic Challenges,” March, 2019

  • Interview by Caixin, “ZTE case has Increased China-US Economic and Trade Tension,” in Chinese, with Qi Zhang, April, 2019

  • Interview by Aljazeera, “Breakthrough, Escalation or Pause? Trump, Xi set to meet at G20.” with Patricia Sabga, Nov, 2018.

  • Interview by Foreign Policy, “China Is Outsourcing Its Pollution,”, with Kara Sherwin, 2016.

  • Interview by Talk Media News, “The Chinese View on Donald Trump,” 2016.

  • Interview by SAIS Observer, “New SAIS IPE Professor, Dr. Ling Chen, Talks Chinese Political Economy,” with Kaj Malden, 2015.

  • Interview by China Central Television (CCTV), “President Xi’s visit to US and China’s Commitment to Peaceful Development,” 2015.

  • Interview by Walter Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center, "Stanford Postdoc Fellow Explores Patterns of Chinese Bureaucratic Competition and the Influence of Foreign Firms," Stanford University, 2014.




Non-Academic Public Talks


  • Panel Speaker, “The U.S.-China Trade War, Multinationals, and China’s Economy,” Wilson China Fellowship Conference, The

  • Woodrow Wilson Center, Washington DC, 2022

  • Speaker, “Transitioning from a graduate student to a faculty member,” Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies, Harvard University, 2021

  • Speaker, “US-China Trade Tensions: Economic, Technology and Political Impacts,” mini Ted-talks for JHU SAIS Alumni Events, Los Angeles and San Fransisco, 2020

  • Moderator, U.S. Election Impact in China/on U.S.-China Relations, Post-Election Debrief, Johns Hopkins SAIS, 2020

  • Participant, Roundtable on US-China Relations, with China Public Diplomacy Association and the Chinese Embassy and Consulates, Brookings Institute, 2019

  • Panel Speaker, “China’s Political System,” US-China Subnational Symposium, National Committee of US-China Relations (NCUSR) and University of Michigan Center for Chinese Studies, 2019

  • Panel Speaker, “The new agenda in China’s Economic Development and the Belt and Road Initiative,” Brookings Institution (organized by Dr. David Dollar, featuring IMF, IFF, and China Development Bank President and Chief Economist), 2018.

  • Commentator, “Economic Transformation across Asia,” Johns Hopkins SAIS Asia Conference, 2018.

  • Event moderator, Yasheng Huang, “The State of State Capitalism in China”, Johns Hopkins SAIS Speaker Series on China’s Political Economy, 2017.

  • Event moderator, Dali Yang, “The Politics of Regulatory State Building,” Johns Hopkins SAIS Speaker Series on China’s Political Economy, 2016.

  • Panel moderator (with Nick Lardy and Yusuf and David Dollar), “China’s New Economics Plans: Implications for China, Asia and the Global Economy” conference, Johns Hopkins SAIS, 2016.

  • Participant, Roundtable with Dr. Hu Angang, Professor and Director of China Studies, Tsinghua University, “China’s 13th Five Year Plan,” Brookings Institution, 2016

  • Participant and commentator, “The Chinese State and Market: Toward the 13th Five-Year Plan,” Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) Conference, 2015.

  • Discussant, Book launch roundtable for Deborah Brautigam, “Will Africa Feed China,” Johns Hopkins SAIS, 2015. 

  • Participant, Panel on “Soft Power for Peace and Reconciliation” (Co-chaired by Joseph Nye and Michael Dukakis), Boston Global Forum "US-Japan-China Relations: Framework for Peace and Security in the Pacific," Harvard Faculty Club, Cambridge, MA, 2014.

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