Peer-Reviewed Publications 



Chen, Ling. 2018. Manipulating Globalization: The Influence of Bureaucrats on Business in China. Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press. (Introduction) (Contents and Chapter Abstracts

  • Reviewed in Choice, Perspectives on Politics, China Quarterly, The China Journal,  Journal of East Asian Studies, Journal of Chinese Political Science, H-Net Review, China International Strategy Review 

  • Mentioned in Axios, Washington Post

  • Hungarian translated edition published in 2019



Chen, Ling and Florian Hollenbach. 2022 "Capital Mobility and Taxation: State-Business Collusion in China." (Forthcoming) International Studies Quarterly


Chen, Ling and Hao Zhang. 2021. "Strategic Authoritarianism: The Political Cycles and Selectivity of China's Tax Break Policy." (Open Access)  American Journal of Political Science 65(4):845-861.

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 Chen, Ling. 2017. “Grounded Globalization: Foreign Capital and Local Bureaucrats in China’s Economic Transformation.World Development 98: 381-399. 

  • The Washington Post

Chen, Ling. 2014. “Varieties of Global Capital and the Paradox of Local Upgrading in China,” 

Politics & Society 42 (2): 223-252.

  • CNPolitics (Zhengjian)


Chen, Ling. 2010. “Playing the Market Reform Card: The Changing Patterns of Political Struggle in China’s Electric Power Sector,” The China Journal, no. 64: 69-95.        


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Chen, Ling. 2008. “Preferences, Institutions and Politics: Re-Interrogating the Theoretical Lessons of Developmental Economies,” New Political Economy 13 (1): 89-102.


Works in Progress


Chen, Ling. Ambivalent Capitalism and the Authoritarian State: The Public Origins of Private Entrepreneurs in China (Book Project in Progress)

Chen, Ling. "How Institutions Bounce Back: Untangling Difficult Reforms in China's State-Owned Sector." (working paper)

Chen, Ling, and Miles Evers. “U.S.-China ‘Tech Cold War’: The Counterproductive Weaponization of the Supply Chain?” (in progress)

Other Publications 

"How this Trade War Could Backfire — in China’s Favor." The Washington Post, June 25 (2018) (Link)

“More Centralized Control Threatens China's Economic Model." Axios, expert voices, January 23 (2018). (Link)

“Dongya yu lamei guojia gongyehua de lujing” (The Paths of Industrialization in East Asia and Latin America). Caijing Kexue (The Journal of Finance & Economics), no.1 (2003): 255-260 (In Chinese).